About SmokEy Lights

The first time someone sees a SmokEy Light, they are awestruck! These unique pieces of art are designed to evoke emotion and delight. Created deep in the underground labs by our award-winning Chief Luminary, SmokEy Lights appeal to all types of people–those who love deep wood tones reminiscent of a gentleman’s library, perhaps those who are attracted to a more steampunk aesthetic, or even those that love nostalgia and whimsy twisted together. There is always a SmokEy Light that will speak to you.

Each SmokEy Light is crafted with care and many include repurposed pieces–the Chief
Luminary delights in rescuing forgotten relics of our past and giving them new life. Stop by and take a look at our creations, the perfect gift is just waiting for you!

Custom creations are our specialty, let us know your budget & interests and we’ll create a one-
of-a-kind piece just for you!

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We’re always creating Hot Lights for Cool Places!


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